Friday, June 27, 2008


Its was a Sunday evening, me my brother and my frens were playing football outside my house.After a while we were exhausted,at that time my neighbor went out so i decided to be naughty(evil laugh).My neighbor had a dog (shih-tzu) ,so i climbed in their house and tied the dog up wif rubberbands and stuff chewing gum up its water bottle and i... poured coke and water on it.The next day, i don't know how my parents found out but they caned me and banned me from using my phone,computer,TV and everything good you can think of.

Report Card Day

Haha... today is report card day.It started at 2.30 and there i was sitting down wif some frens. Carmen was the 1 responsible 4 givin out the numbers but her father came and so... she passed the job down to Audrey. Time passed but my mom still haven't come. When Audrey's mom came she passed the job to me.And guess wat time my mom came??? She came at 5.30 and i was the last 1 to go home. So Cik Suhaila (our class teacher) was talking to mom my about my behavior in class. She said i was a joker and my mom stared at me wif her BIG ROUND EYES! She told me not to fool around anymore and pay more attention in class. So i was forced to agree.=(